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Company Name: Wade Marketing
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Job Type: Full-time
Job Location: United States
Job Posted Date: 20-04-2023
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Job’s Overview:

Wade Marketing is seeking a Marketing Specialist in United States. Please take a moment to read the job post below if you are interested:


This is a remote opportunity.

To learn more about our program please continue reading below.


We provide you with expert guidance, materials, and skills to master the job application and interview process so you can acquire multiple full-time remote positions in the digital marketing space while we run and take care of all the digital marketing responsibilities and activities for each new job you acquire.

This allows you to have much more free time to continue stacking jobs. You will always be the face of each new job you acquire.

Meaning, showing up to weekly team meetings, being responsive on emails/slack, collaborating with coworkers, and reporting on KPIs to leadership; while Wade Marketing’s internal team handles all of your digital marketing responsibilities/activities for each job you have and reports directly back to you on results.

What To Do Now

We know this is a unique premise and opportunity.

If you don’t quite fully understand everything, no worries, we will answer any and all questions or concerns and make sure you 100% understand what exactly working with us entails.

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Getting the Marketing Specialist designation comes with some responsibilities. It would be a wise idea to take a few minutes to learn more about it so you can make an informed decision.

Applicants must meet the above-mentioned requirements in order to qualify for consideration to work as a Marketing Specialist.

By clicking on the apply now button, you will be redirected to the official recruitment website where you can fill out your application.